11075130_821949201223244_3312321791117854506_nAs each year, on the third Saturday of July, we saw thousands of people gathered at Mangal Bazar at 7 in the morning. All of them were there for the love for cycling, nature and had pledged different routes that they wanted to cover. Participants were meeting their group friends, individuals were waiting for the flag to roll down and hundreds of people were wishing luck to the cyclist. The aura around the place was full of energy, enthusiasm and liveliness. The area was covered with people from different age groups coming together at the same platform. It was amazing to see varied people from diverse walks of life involved for a common cause. It surely was amusing to notice young kids participating too.



The weather was clear as it was a sunny morning with no signs of rain. The blue sky looked beautiful as always as the birds flew in a fleet. Since Patan was one of the affected areas during earthquake, some monuments around the place were missed but the zeal of the people who were a part of the Kora Cycling challenge was noticed at the highest. Each rider wearing a red and white colour jersey was set with their cycles to complete the ride.


A quick breakfast was arranged for the participants. The flag went off for the first round of 100 kms at 7.30 am followed by 75 km and 50 km riders. The narrow lanes of Patan experienced thousands of individuals starting their rides. Each one of them pledged a distance and raised money from friends, families around the world for contributing to rebuild health facilities.

The routes were similar to the previous year as we crossed Ekantakuna and head towards Bhaisipathi. The volunteers were around showing us the way towards our
next destination. While crossing the bridge at Chobar, and looking at the greens 11748527_10155800344070398_913876828_naround, made me realize once again how blessed we are. The uphill rides were tiring and for the ones who cycle once a year it was getting tricky. We came across people whose cycle broke down; chains were giving a problem as they were getting them fixed. Everyone was helping each other around and as I was riding I met a cyclist who explained how the timing of change in gear has to be perfect. If one can grasp that, the ride becomes way easier with lesser effort he said. I was trying to follow the same, but after 30 kms the scorching sun made me weak and I took a detour. As I did not reach the finish line, unlike last year, the experience of riding was surely one of the most memorable ones.

Since this was the second kora experience for me, there was a difference in routes that I experienced unlike last year. A difficulty while riding downhill because of the potholes on the lanes and the rains of the previous day made riding a challenge. The previous year had more signage, volunteers compared to this time. Undoubtedly it was a bigger and amazing event and kudos to the participants.


If you do not know about Kora, here’s a little something 

So make sure that you keep yourselves free the third Saturday of July’ 2016 .

3 thoughts on “#kora15

  1. Yeah, the trail was more challenging because of the rain as well as the gravels and little remains of buildings destroyed by the earthquake scattered all over the trail. But, this year, I was less afraid of the downhill, I learnt to let go and enjoy the speed while I could. I didn’t push much on the uphill though trying to save my energy. 🙂 And, the bike I rented this year seemed to be better than the one from last year. But, surprisingly, the pain in the ass is a lot lesser than last year. And, I feel like I performed much better than I expected. 😀 Overall, #Kora15 went quite well this year too for me.

    • Ritima says:

      I am not much of a rider.. But I so wish I was a part of it. The whole ride seems to be one hell of a journey!!

  2. ManojR says:

    This was my first participation of Kora challenge. In fact, I’ve never touched a bike in the last 20-25 years since my childhood. I was expecting to complete no more than 1/3rd of the circuit. A friend provided his bike the day before and I was all set to test my endurance. The ride was very exciting and thoroughly enjoyed it. His advices on shifting gears really helped and was able to take on many of the uphills except for the very long and steep ones. The pain in the ass, however, was too great and thoughts of quitting struck at times – I just didn’t want to get on the bike again. But with friends with me, I pushed on and completed the whole circuit.. Feel really proud to have participated and completed the #Kora15 challenge. Seriously planning for the Kora16 next year as I had zero preparation this year.

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